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These pages are dedicated to our ancestors who:

braved strange and stormy seas,

ventured with their families into the wilderness,

endured hardships beyond belief,

made our Country free!

 and devoted their lives to protect it from dangers large and small.

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This web site was originally created in 2004 by LeRoy 'Roy' Eastes. It contains his own research as well as the research of many others. Roy has now retired from genealogy and rather than seeing all this work vanish a new home has been found. The current webmaster has endeavoured to make sure information on still living individuals has been removed. Should anyone find personal information on themselves or relatives that they wish removed, please contact the current webmaster and request their removal, providing details on the individuals in question so as to aid finding the entries. Please note that the current webmaster has had nothing to do with compiling or editing  these records. I have merely taken on hosting the information as a favour to the original compiler. The records are provided as is.

Introduction by Roy Eastes
These pages represent the combined efforts of many people who have conscientiously recorded their family lines over the years. The purpose of this site is to consolidate these records into one place so anyone may use them for personal research. These works are not copyrighted but will not used for commercial purposes or financial gain nor passed others who might do so.

We begin with Nicholas Ewstas, the oldest known person in our Estes/Eastes/etc line. The pages that follow are historic records of some his descendants. As we pass down through the generations we come to our progenitor, Abraham Estes, who migrated from England into the Colony of Virginia and was the father of 13 children. One of these was John Estes Sr., father of Elisha Estes who migrated from Virginia to Kentucky and into Tennessee where he died in 1818. Initially, these records followed the descendants of Elisha as they moved through Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and beyond. But now more of Abrahamís descendants have been added. Do Not pass up the NOTES section on persons of interest. In many cases, a wealth of information is contained in these sections.

CAUTION: Many of the following records are proven and the sources shown in the NOTES Section for the individual. However, other material on other individuals was obtained from other researchers who did not record their sources. Therefore, if a record does not show documentation, it should be considered as a guide for further investigation and not taken as fact. All precautions have been taken to present factual information. I seriously doubt if there has ever been, or ever will be, a collection of family history records compiled without error. However, we should make an all out effort to present accurate records. There are probably no other publications given such close scrutiny as those written on Family Histories, but - that's the way it should be! In recording our heritage there should be no margin for errors. If - or when a flaw is found, please contact me. If corrections are needed, please send verifications.

This collection of information would never have materialized if it were not for the help of many friends. I especially want to thank my brother, James A. (Jim) Eastes who inspired and encouraged me over the years to bring these works to this point. I have been researching this Estes/Eastes line for over 55 years and have made it my top retirement objective. I have enjoyed every minute of it and will continue as long as the good Lord is willing to let me do so. I hope you will enjoy these contents as much as I have enjoyed compiling them.

LeRoy F. Eastes

Table of Contents

Descendants of Nicholas Ewstas
Surname List
Name List

Roy Eastes
Roy Eastes, 2004

Hosting provided by David Powell. If you wish any material removed because the individuals in question are still living, please do not hesitate to contact me at roots-boots-@-hotmail.com (removing the dashes). Note however that I am unable to make updates, corrections or additions to these charts - I have my own charts on Estes-Eastes genealogy which can be found at http://roots-boots.net/ft/estes.html. Site updated 10th March, 2010.
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