Nicholas Ewstas


1. Nicholas Ewstas

The following will for Nicholas Ewstas was published on page 7 of EstesTrails periodical in the December 2003 issue:

- In the name of God amen this xviith day of January in the year of our Lord 1533 I Nicholas Ewstas being of hole mind and full remembanceordayne andx make this my last will and testament in a manner and form following,

First, I bequeath my sole to almighty God our Lady Saynte mary and all the holy company of heaven and my body be buried in the ch\urch yard of Saynte Leonarde in the Parishe of Deale. Also I bequeath to the highaultare for my tythes neglyently forgotten .... (some sum not known)

Item, I will that my wyffe cause to be done the day of my burial, 5 masses with placebo and dirige and as many at my monthemynde.

Item, I bequesth to Sylvester my son, one ewe and a young horsse.

Item, I bequesth to Ffelyx Prins one ewe.

The resydue of all my goods moveables and unmoveables I wyll and bequeath to Anny my wyffe, whom I makde sole excutryx of this my last wyll and testamenmt, the year and day above whereof witnesses beyng p'sent andrequyred.

Signed by Robert Whyte and John Nychelson


These records from Nicholas down to Abraham were sent to Donald Bowler in England for confirmation. Donald conducted much of the original research in this area. It was received back in May 1997. His comments and corrections are shown in CAPITOL LETTERS. Roy Eastes, Compiler.


Nicholas Ewstas born ca 1495, married Anny in (ABT) 1520 and
died in 1533 with a will at Deal, Kent, England.(WILL WAS MADE 1 JAN 1533/4 -
of only one child (there could be others) Sylvester Eastye, born (ABT)1522.
Sylvester married Jone in (ABT) 1545. Jone died 16 May 1561 and was buried at
Deal , Kent, England as Jone Eustes. Sylvester died in 1579 and is buried at
Ringwould as Sylvester Eastye. Sylvester and Jone's (BELIEVED TO HAVE) had 3

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Ref: LeRoy F. Eastes - In Jan, Feb, and March 1997, I corresponded with
Donald Bowler and Mrs E.H. Este in England, and John and Andree East in France
(publishers of Points East) and they all agreed that as/of this date, no link has been found to connect the Este families with Nicholas Ewstas. This conclusion was reaffirmed by additonal corespondence in in 2004.